A local brewery in the Downtown area had an unexpected visitor over the weekend! There was a celebrity sighting at DeadBeach Brewery over the weekend in case you didn't hear about it. We felt so honored when ZZ Top member, Billy Gibbons stopped by for some beer. Now, how I know this is because I also work at DeadBeach Brewery. My co-workers were asking me for confirmation since I work for a rock station. I definitely had some doubt and just had to approach him and ask for myself. Billy Gibbons kept laughing at how nervous I was since you could hear it in my shaky voice. Turns out it was Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top! He wanted to have a beer before heading out of town on the Amtrak. After me and a few other co-workers got a few pictures taken is when his cover was blown. Billy Gibbons took our selfie with my phone and the lighter picture is the one I took of us. Billy Gibbons is such a humble man and plans on going back for more beer next time he's in El Paso!

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