The Dead or Alive fighter series has always worked its sales pitches like this: Come for the bouncing racks sported by its comely fighters, stay for the balanced brawling and finely-tuned physics. Developer Team Ninja, which is far better known for its solid Ninja Gaiden series, knows how to observe and appreciate the beauty of the female form, and they’re proving it with Dead or Alive 5.

They’re also obsessed with heightened realism. They figure it wouldn’t be natural to let a lady pugilist’s tanktop stay dry when she’s flip-kicking across the screen for minutes on end. To keep things accurate, they’re sure to dampen the clothing with sweat over the course of the battle.

Either that or they’re just a bunch of pervs who dig wet t-shirt action. But whatever the case, their style works for us. It makes not feel so bad about being really bad at a game when there is something fun to look at on the screen. “Ugh, dead again and wow, nice guns sister!”

Kotaku tracked down the above screenshot from a Japanese site, verifying that bouncy jubblies do indeed return for the first fighter in the series to hit home consoles since 2005′s Dead or Alive 4. The new game comes out Sept. 30.

If you’re into real women wearing see-thru shirts, this is probably more up your alley.

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