Scott Weiland has been one of the most unpredictable frontmen in rock for the past two decades. In a new interview, he not only reveals that he hopes to release a new Stone Temple Pilots album, he also admits he would like to rejoin Velvet Revolver at some point down the road. It’s official, hell has frozen over.

Weiland returned to STP after a nasty split with Velvet Revolver, who’ve yet to find a suitable replacement for the erstwhile vocalist. The group reconvened for a one-off performance at a recent benefit, which Weiland surprisingly reveals may not be the last time. “Yeah, I definitely would, some time,” Weiland tells Rolling Stone of possibly rejoining VR. “If Maynard [James Keenan] can do it with A Perfect Circle and Tool, then there’s no reason why I shouldn’t go and do it with both bands.”

The STP vocalist recently contributed a new solo song called ‘Breathe’ to the soundtrack for the blockbuster film  ‘The Avengers.’ “I thought that it fit the idea – I haven’t seen the film yet, but just thematically, it fit,” says Weiland. “It’s probably the most commercial sort of song, the poppiest song, that I’ve put out on any of my previous solo records.”

After indicating that another solo effort may be on the horizon, Weiland expressed his excitement for Stone Temple Pilots’ upcoming 20th anniversary tour for their debut album, ‘Core.’ “We’re going to play the album in its entirety,” Weiland says of the tour. “I think it’ll be really fun, because the one thing that I got tired of was sort of playing the same basic set list every night. It was like, ‘the hits.”

Stone Temple Pilots have reportedly been toying with the notion of releasing a new album for the past couple of years, but have yet to do so. “I’m sure that will happen,” says Weiland. “Although it’s odd because we used to tour to promote our records, and now we put out records to promote tours. Which is the way of the world, though.”

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