It's time for another Hunk-Off! Last week we put David against Richard and sorry, David, but Richard KILLED, taking 95 percent of the vote.

This week the submissions were a little slow. Are you scared, El Paso? I did get some cute guys sending me their cute faces though, and here's our Hunk-Off candidates: Will and Adam.

On the left is Will, who didn't say much about himself but I'm digging based on his reading of the New Yorker and drinking of a beer. What's hotter than that? Well, besides dudes wearing nothing but a tool belt while cooking me a grilled cheese sandwich after I kick their ass at video games.

On the right is 22-year-old Adam, who says he loves comics, Batman movies and dogs named Oliver. Adam says when he's not talking about how much he hates Kim Kardashian, he's usually eating ramen noodles. Sexy!

So, ladies, who do you think should be this week's Hunk of the Week? Vote below!

Think you can out-hunks these guys? Send me your pic and some info about yourself at