Dame Judi Dench is, without question, one of our greatest actors. She’s such a great actress that she won an Academy Award for “Shakespeare In Love” even though she was only on-screen for less than eight minutes. That’s some damn fine actin’! She’s also been playing James Bond’s boss, M, for over a quarter century already.

Dame Judi is now set to conquer a new medium as she is making Tik Tok’s with her grandson, who appears to be Ed Sheeran using the nom-de-tik-tok of “Sam Williams”.

Here’s one of them doing a synchronized dance to a Yung Gravy song:

And here’s one of Sam/Ed telling his grandmother jokes. These jokes are so bad that I honestly can’t tell if Dame Judi is giving the actual punchline or just a random jumble of words:

OK, come on! That’s actually Ed Sheeran, right? No? That’s amazing. Seriously, if Sam Williams grandmother weren’t one of the world’s most acclaimed actors he could still be famous for playing Ed Sheeran’s look-a-like on that British show about look-a-likes (sorry I can’t remember what it’s called).

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