If you ever notice someone riding dirty could probably mean a couple of things. It is either because their car won't pass inspection or they forgot to put the new sticker on.

Back in the day, there were times I just took my chances of driving around with an expired sticker for almost a year. Some people know the struggle because certain things won't pass your vehicle's inspection.

This is why it is always a good idea to get things fixed or taken care of before getting your inspection. Before I would always take a while to get my registration sticker because of the issues I had with my Scion TC.

But this time around I actually got my registration taken care of on time except I've still been riding dirty. I even took care of my registration on time because of how times are now.

You would think by now I would finally have a razor blade object in my bag of tools. But clearly, I must like encountering the same problem I've had for years by not correcting it. If you carry a razor blade in your car you know it comes in handy the time you renew your registration.

Lately, some of us have felt like we're on autopilot just trying to get through the day. Usually, during that process, you forget simple things you've been trying to remind yourself time after time. Since November, I have been riding around dirty in a legal manner. It is legal because I have my new 2021 sticker it's just still in the dashboard compartment. So if a cop pulled me over, I would show them the new and up to date registration sticker that isn't where it should be, on the window. But I know that I am not the only one who has driven around with an expired sticker.

I have spotted other El Paso drivers who also have the same struggle rolling through El Paso dirty. Let me know in the poll if you have also been known for riding expired on the streets of El Paso below.

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