During this pandemic is when you have to plan your day accordingly for running errands.

Lately, running errands seems to take double the time due to safety precautions places take. For example, if you're visiting a small building means fewer customers are being assisted, and longer lines.

Last month I took a few days off from work to take care of some responsibilities. One of my errands included renewing my vehicle's registration. I renew my registration at the El Paso Vehicle Registration near Ascarate Lake.

If you're planning on going to that particular location be sure to plan accordingly. Whatever you do, make sure to leave renewing your vehicle's registration as the last thing to do.

During a pandemic means you have to get there super early to be first in line or just wait in line. Before the pandemic, some responsibilities were a piece of cake to get done but now things are different.

If you have renewed your vehicle's registration at 301 Manny Martinez Drive then you know the kind of wait I am talking about. I am so glad the day I had to wait outside for a while was during a warm sunny day.

The line sometimes extends out from the door entrance of the building all the way out to the parking lot.

As it is for how much I pay for registration I will skip the extra charge and wait in a long line. It especially sucks when the time to renew your vehicle registration is during the holidays. Some people are willing to pay an extra charge just to avoid waiting in line somewhere else.

Renewing your vehicle's registration during the holidays is time-consuming and is the extra bill that hurts the holiday budget. If you renew the old school way (going in-person) pick which location you prefer to renew your registration below.

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