This is so heartbreaking to see an innocent dog being left behind, alone and on the side of a busy road. The owner clearly has no heart if he can just drive his dog to the middle of no where and abandon it.

It's a good thing that the Dallas Marshall's Office installed the camera that caught 52-year-old Gorge Spears ditching his dog. WFAA Media published this surveillance and thankfully this footage led to the mans arrest. The reason they installed a camera in that area is because it's known for dog dumping. Spears turned himself in and is facing criminal animal cruelty charges. This is heartbreaking and if you're considering in adopting make sure you can really stick through with it. In the video you see he opens the back door and pulls out his dog, drops the leash and jumps in the driver seat to take off.

It's a good thing that the Dallas Marshall's Office teamed up with SPCA of Texas or else this man would have gone free!


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