Well, Fred Loya announced they will be canceling their Christmas Light Show. Which you know Christmas fanatics are feeling the way Halloween fanatics feel at the moment. I am a fanatic of both, Halloween and Christmas. After hearing about Fred Loya's announcement it bummed me out but totally understand but happy about their decision. Fred Loya just took off their Christmas light show event that always attracts a crowd in order to limit the spread of Covid-19. But after hearing about that, it had me wondering about another popular local Christmas attraction. The Eastridge neighborhood is a popular area to cruise after the Thanksgiving holiday. I have always made sure to keep this particular Christmas tradition alive. Every year I make sure to take my son to see the Christmas lights in the Eastridge area. Our tradition is ordering some Starbucks and driving to cruise the streets to admire the colorful flashing lights.

I know some people would park and just walk the neighborhood route instead of driving. Now, after hearing about Fred Loya canceling I have become concerned if Eastridge won't allow Christmas cruisers due to the pandemic and curfew at the moment. I am hoping the cruise is still allowed so I can be able to take my almost 1-year-old daughter. This year she hasn't been able to enjoy what should have been her firsts like Easter, including upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am crossing my fingers that this cruise and sightseeing family outing still remains on. Let me know how you would feel if the Eastridge neighborhood did the same as Fred Loya in the poll below.

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