Daryl Dixon is a crossbow wielding, Harley riding, zombie killing, machine!

In The Walking Dead on AMC, Norman Leedus plays the part of Daryl Dixon.  One of a group of humans trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.  Daryl is a "good ol' boy" who's become the scourge of the zombies thanks in part to his amazing crossbow skills.

Why a crossbow?  Well, for those few of you who do not religiously follow The Walking Dead (weirdos), loud noises attract zombies.  Therefore, guns are a last resort. Knives, swords, rocks, bayonets ... all the "quiet" killing implements are the weapons of choice. (That and crossbows are just plain cool as hell.)

I love crossbows. (Mine can drop a zombie from a hundred yards away!)  So, trust me when I tell you that developing genuine crossbow talent doesn't happen over night.  Even when just pretending to use one, we all have to start somewhere.

Check out Daryls' ... errrr, Normans' ... first couple of attempts with his!