People have been cheating on their income tax returns since, oh ... about 5 minutes after the IRS was founded.  Could this year be the best year ever to try it?

An article I read online says that budget cuts at the IRS have significantly lowered the number of auditors they have, so the risk of getting audited this year is the lowest it has been in 11 years.  That translates to the chances of individual returns being audited to 0.86%.  Less than 1 percent chance you'll be audited this year.

I'm not saying you won't get audited.  Nor am I saying that cheating on your taxes is a good idea.  But many criminals seem to think this is the year as the IRS is down around 2,200 agents.

Keep in mind though, penalties for getting caught cheating Uncle Sam can range from monster fines and huge penalty interest rates to forfeiture of property and assets to serious, federal prison time.

That's how they got Al Capone 'ya know?

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