With the tax deadline fast approaching, (April 17) the KLAQ Morning show had CPA Dominique Molina from certifiedtaxcoach.com on the show today to give us all some good advice when filling out those pesky tax returns.

One of the things that Dominique likes to point out is that people are ill informed who can get deductions:

"People think that the rich get all the deductions.  Not true.  Anybody can get tax deductions, you just have to know how to do it."

We also played a game to try to figure out if people got away with some wacky deduction claims.

"For example a man tried to deduct a fee paid to an escort service because it made him feel relaxed.  It was not approved."

You can listen to the interview with the very hot CPA here:

And if you need more advice on your taxes here is her website.


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