Tejano music fans have been talking since a picture showed up on social media showing two members of Selena's y Los Dinos band reuniting recently. After 30 years, Selena fans are excited at a potential Dinos reunion happening, maybe even in Las Cruces.

Selena is the beloved Queen of Tejano music that was taken from us far too soon. She's known as one of the greatest Latino artists of all time and was a pioneer for females in her music genre. Since her murder back in 1995, Selena has become a pop culture icon and her music is legendary.

Since Selena's untimely death, her bandmates in y Los Dinos went their separate ways and many wondered if there would be a time we could see the band together again. The group performed at a massive tribute concert in 2005 and fans have been clamoring to see more moments of the band members reuniting again.

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On Tuesday, January 25th Joe Ojeda, former keyboard player for Selena y Los Dinos, posted a photo to his Instagram page of himself and Selena's widow, Chris Perez, sitting together in the studio. The caption read:

"Chris Perez  is my brother and no time or distance will ever change that The Dinos are family and no matter what life may throw at us we have a connection that can't be broken. We shared the stage with the Queen and little did we know we were playing music that would keep the world dancing for generations!"


Chris Perez also shared photos from the jam session on his Facebook page with the caption:

"It’s been a looooong day BUT…feeling super happy to share some studio time with my Selena Y Los Dinos bro @joeojedaofficial This “Dinos” bond runs deep….30+ years and counting"

Once the photos made their way onto social media fans began wondering if we could see a y Los Dinos reunion in the future. Ojeda spoke to MySA about the photo saying "we may be putting some new things out soon, so stay tuned."

If that bit of information is true, could there possibly be a reunion concert or tour in the future? We told you that A.B. Quintanilla, Selena's brother, and her widower Chris Perez were both scheduled to perform at Amador Dayz Music Festival over Cinco de Mayo weekend in Las Cruces. Fans are now wondering if the former bandmates are working on new projects together is there a chance we could see them all sharing the stage again? Selena fans are hoping its true.

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