A portrait of Bill Cosby, made entirely of rapeseed, has been pulled from the Minnesota State Fair.

The portrait was created by artist 37-year-old Nick Rindo, who is not new to "crop seed art," according to TwinCities.com. Rindo said he threw the piece together within a couple of hours, inspired by the allegations of sexual assault raised by dozens of women against the fallen comic.

While rapeseed composition drew the most attention, it was not the primary entry by Rindo, a softwear designer. Rindo put most of his effort into another submission, a seed portrait of Spock, in honor of Leonard Nimoy.

Rindo said his Cosby portrait lasted at the Minnesota State Fair for a day before receiving enough complaints to be taken down.

Rindo said he was surprised the fair agreed to display the Cosby piece to begin with, although he said fair officials used a piece of tape covered the label that read "rapeseed." He worried, without the rapeseed context, the portrait made him look like he was a fan of the disgraced Cosby.

Ron Kelsey, the fair's superintendent of crop art (a real job title, apparently) told TwinCities.com that one person complained that the piece was "pro-rape" and others complained that the topic was inappropriate in general.

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