Bruh, this rando was manspreading so hard at the cupcakery that it made me wish it was wine-o'clock — is a sentence that won't turn up any red squiggly lines when typed, thanks to the latest update to the Oxford English Dictionary.

The dictionary released its latest additions to the dictionary on Wednesday. Included in the new words are:

  • Awesomesauce: A terrible way of declaring something great that also lets people know you likely were in a fraternity*
  • Weak sauce: A way of declaring something disappointing while still accomplishing all the things saying "awesomesauce" does
  • Beer o'clock: A terrible way of saying it is time to consume beer
  • Brain fart: A temporary moment of forgetfulness, sometimes caused by
  • Barbacoa: Meat cooked with seasoning and used in tacos and burritos. Mmmmm.
  • Butt dial: When your ass accidentally calls someone from your phone in your pocket; in my experience it's usually my mother when I'm talking about sex
  • Butthurt: When one gets offended by something somewhat innocuous
  • Bruh: Another way to refer to a male buddy. Variation of bro, broseph, broski, brodeo, brohan, brotastic, Hans Brolo
  • Redditor: Users of the website, reddit, generally male and usually angry
  • Fat-shame: How male redditors humiliate women they consider overweight
  • Hangry: Very hungry, to the point where hunger has consumed one's emotional state, making them irritable
  • Manspreading: When men sit with their legs widely splayed, presumably to air out their packages, and taking up as much room as physically possible, preventing others from sitting near them, oftentimes on public transportation
  • Manic pixie dream girl: A female character in movies who is quirky and drawn to the sullen, dark lead male. Also, what Buzz said I was when he first met me
  • Mic drop: What you do after telling a great joke or completely owning a situation
  • Pwnage: When you completely own your opponent, generally in video games, and likely the result of someone typoing while attempting to write "ownage"
  • Rando: A random person, oftentimes creepy
  • Fur baby: How lonely people without children often refer to their pets

*My interpretation of each word's definition, not actual definitions published in the Oxford English Dictionary