The past few days turned El Paso into a big freezer and allowed us to do some things we're rarely able to. Like making snow angels, building snowmen and keeping beer frosty by setting it in a snow drift!

There are lots of neat things you can do by freezing stuff and, since we don't get much snow in the Borderland, here are some you can use your freezer for:

  • Increase battery life expectancy. Freezing them can get you 20% to 90% longer life, depending on the battery type.
  • Same for candles. Freezing them hardens the wax so they don't burn down as quickly.
  • Stop washing your jeans. Don't wash 'em, freeze 'em. The cold kills odors and bacteria plus, it leaves them looking nice and crisp.
  • Save wine. Fill ice trays with leftover wine and use them the next time you want your wine chilled.

Your freezer is your buddy, click here for more things you didn't know you could freeze.