Stop having kids. That's the name of the organization behind the new billboard that you can see on I-10 west that proclaims you "make love not babies."

Stop Having Kids via Faceook
Stop Having Kids via Faceook

Stop Having Kids is an antinatalist and pro choice movement that strives to prevent (not through coercion, pressure, or force) as many new lives as possible by acknowledging  that there is an unconscionable amount of needless suffering, injustice, and death in the world—with birth serving as the catalyst for it all".

Basically, they're striving to have society focus on the children that are already born and in need of good homes through adoption or fostering. I feel it's a very important discussion that should be had- as do some of you; at least, that's what I gathered from the comments.

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Stop Having Kids shared the billboard on their social media page, and also made a comment on the restaurant underneath the billboard, Los Colegas, because they also are part of the "Vegantinatalism" movement.

Of course in the their comment section, their supporters were pleased with it.

Breed less, educate more.

But once this post made it to FitFam, El Paso's own TMZ, you all had some major thoughts on it!

Some were not okay with the message this sent:

Fertility rates are dropping, sperm counts are dropping, many women cannot reproduce, this is dangerous rhetoric.

Other's were completely okay with the message:

Validation and representation matter. We are inundated constantly with media that places emphasis on having kids. The reality is, especially is our current economy, that more and more people are waiting longer or even opting to not have kids at all. Especially for women, it’s important to show that there is nothing wrong with this choice. It may be “just a billboard” but it’s provocative enough to have sparked a conversation about actually having a choice and not just bringing a whole ass life into this world because that’s what we saw in tv and movies growing up..

All in all, the FitFam post garnered over 700 comments, all ranging from agreement to disapproval of the billboard.

Either way, the billboard will be up for another month, you can find out more about Stop Having Kids here.

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