There was so many ways that this could go horribly wrong and what breaks first may surprise you.

Zob Glass Pipes is an online store that sells custom glass pieces like pipes, zongs, bongs, bubblers and more. They also have a storefront where they showcase their custom creations and have a Youtube page where they show off their pieces. In this video, an employee is trying to show off how strong the blown glass is that Zob uses. He proceeds to show how two cinder blocks are tied up hanging above the display and brings out cinder blocks to put on top of the glass pipes.

When I saw the cinder blocks come out, I couldn't figure what I thought would break first- the pipes or the glass countertop. As soon as he started loading more and more cinder blocks onto the top of the counter, I started freaking out wondering what would break first.

The answer was surprising.

Check out the video above and see what ends up breaking first. And then let's hope that this guy had a job after this video. Probably since its now going viral.

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