It's like a dream come true, a comet is rocketing through the galaxy creating alcohol.

How awesome is that? Comet Lovejoy has been nicknamed the' happy hour' comet because, as it blasts through space, it's creating alcohol and sugar. Roughly, the equivalent of 500 bottles of wine per second!

It's also releasing 20 tons of water per second. You'd think we would find a way to catch all that and solve our drought problems right? (Not to mention building up our booze supply.) We can't though because along with the water, sugar and alcohol this thing is cranking out, it's also producing formaldehyde and a bunch of other poisonous substances.

"You have alcohol and sugar, so that can lead to a 'happy hour' name, but I would not recommend anyone drink this water."

Comet Lovejoy was easily visible from Earth until recently. It's now moving away from earth and fading quickly from view.