Nicole Arbour is a gorgeous comedian who decided to express her feelings on fat people through the magical world of the internet. Of course, her attempt for a satire video turned into a fat shaming video that was taken off of YouTube.

Arbour posted a video titled "Dear Fat People" to her official social media sites and received plenty of attention for her video. She claims that this video is all about her satire delivery, but many believes she missed the mark.

In the video, Arbour is basically trying to motivate those who are obese or over-weight by saying 'fat shaming' could possibly be that much needed push to get them to start losing weight.YouTube eventually took down Arbour's video and even her whole channel when the feedback became incredibly negative. Once Arbour contacted YouTube and fought the decision to take her video down by pointing out the extensive use of censorship the site was using against her.

Eventually, YouTube gave in and gave Arbour her channel back, along with her controversial video. Arbour stands by her decision to post the video and thinks everyone shouldn't be so serious.

My Youtube page is back up and running!! LONG LIVE COMEDY, NONSENSE, and the right to say whatever da fuk YOU WANT!!! ...

Posted by Nicole Arbour on Monday, September 7, 2015