There are way more ways than that but, these are the biggies.

Our sister station in Lubbock, KFMX, did a blog on the top 5 ways to die there that I thought was kinda cool so, here's my El Paso version.

  • 3) The Chupacabra. I know, I one has proven that it really exists. No one has proven that it doesn't really exist either, so...
  • 2) The food. Hey, I love Chicos Tacos, a greasy Roscoe's burger and fried everything as much as the next guy but, they're not exactly heart healthy.
  • 1) The drivers. Let's face it, Borderland drivers are NOT known for their skills behind the wheel.  From the Jaurenos that have no idea what our traffic laws are, to the New Mexicans that haven't yet embraced the concepts of minimum speed limits (or blinkers) to the El Pasoans that can't abide by maximum speed limits or put their f***ing phones down. Yep, they're numero uno!

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