We're back with a brand new episode of "What the Buzz" podcast. In this new episode, sponsored by Coffee House of Hel, is available now and titled "Code Orange". You can find the episode wherever you find your podcasts, and of course it's easily accessible through through KLAQ.com on the Listen Live feature.

In this new episode, we recap Emily's wedding- where we realized after the event that NONE OF US took pictures! Yes, Emily got married during a pandemic but I will give her props, Emily and her family completely adhered to the social distancing measures and made sure her guests were safe.

We also bring up the fact that I've never seen an episode of "South Park" and now I'm looking for suggestions. Emily, on the other hand has seen "South Park" and blames is mainly on her growing up with brothers. I grew up with a sister who liked to watch MTV and VH1 mainly- so there was my influence growing up. We also celebrate the fact that we spooky season is finally here. We're starting to see more and more Halloween decorations in stores- which we call "Code Orange"- and suffice it to say that Emily and I are super excited. There's lots more on this episode that includes our fascination with the supposed leak from Chris Evans.

Check out the newest episode of "What the Buzz" sponsored by Coffee House of Hel, the newest horror themed coffee shop in El Paso located at 2200 Lee Trevino, suite B3b. Be sure to check out the KLAQ Facebook page on Friday 9/25 where Emily and I will be broadcasting live from Coffee House of Hel.

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