Balloonfest 2014 kicks off tomorrow, here's an interview and warm up vid for you from Sevendust!

Clint Lowery sat down with Full Throttle Rock recently to talk about Sevendust, how they chose the songs for the new disc "Time Travelers and Bon Fires", his favorite Sevendust CD and he even dropped a little advice for up and coming musicians!

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His favorite disc?

I think right now, "Animosity" was a very good record, sonically, for me. I think the band was really finding itself at that point, that stage of the game, but they all have a special place. I really liked "Black Out The Sun"; it was a really fun record. It was self-produced, and it was my second record back with the band after a 4-5-year departure and I was very comfortable with the band again. They all have a special place, but "Animosity" was probably my overall.

On choosing the songs for "Time Travelers And Bon Fires", he said:

We knew it was going to be nerve wracking picking through 130/140 songs, so we did a poll on Facebook and told the fans to kind of pick three songs they would like us to re-do and with that we had compiled a list of 20 songs. We kind of looked at it while we were in the studio and tried some of the top three we picked from and we were trying a few other ones, I mean every song we did was on the list but some of them translate better than others. There are some that are super heavy and just do not really make sense to do acoustically but that was the most, I guess, mentally exhausting part, just determining which songs we were going to do. But letting the fans pick the songs was a cool process. It kind of took out the guess work for us and the arrangements they came, you know, with Denial and Crucified there is a real lot of departure from the original. I mean, obviously the melody and the lyrics are similar and there is a similar arrangement to it but the vibe, the tempo, the feel and the way the song is played is a lot different.

Check out his advice to future rockers and everything else he had to say here!

Balloonfest 2014 kicks off tomorrow with Sevendust and Ume.

Here's a little something to get you revved up for day one of the official summer kick off party at Wet n Wild Waterworld!

Advance tickets are available at El Paso area 7-11/Alon locations.

They are followed Sunday by The Pretty Reckless and Five Finger Death Punch.

We wrap up the Memorial Day Weekend Monday with We As Human, Heaven's Basement and Aranda!!

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