Sacramento City Council voted 9-0 to offer cash stipends to gang members if they stay out of trouble and graduate from high school.

Basically, if they'll behave and not do gang stuff, they get paid.  WTF??

I didn't believe it myself but, all the research checks out and even Snopes confirms (most of) the story.  The only untrue item(s), according to Snopes, are that Sacramento is using tax money to do this and that it involves not shooting people.

the city is not the party paying the stipends — that money is being provided by the charitable organization Advance Peace via private donations. The city is providing matching funds for the organization to implement a gang intervention program over a three-year period. Further, gang members are not being handed money in exchange for not pulling the trigger. - Snopes

If Sacramento's not paying or using tax dollars for this but, they are matching funds; where's that money coming from? "Bad guys" get paid to work hard, play by the rules and be nice while most people already doing that get s**t.

What do you think of this plan?

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