Cinta de Oro, formerly known as Sin Cara from the WWE, recorded a message for EPISD students about his time going to school in the district. Cinta de Oro is a hometown celebrity, known for becoming a successful wrestler in the WWE.

Cinta de Oro is a great example of how anyone from El Paso can be successful and go on to do amazing things. Cinta de Oro grew up in El Paso and attended Burges High School from 1992 to 1996. While attending Burges, he began wrestling and in 1996 he became an undefeated state champion. From there, he began working towards his goal of becoming a professional luchador.

He spent the next decade working in various independent wrestling promotions before being signed to WWE in 2009. He made his main roster debut two years later and worked for the WWE for almost a decade before requesting his release in 2019.

Now, he works under the name Cinta de Oro and continues to wrestle. Cinta de Oro recorded a message for EPISD students and talked about his time growing up in El Paso and his time attending Burges High School. He also took the time to remind students of the importance of school. The Burgess alum explained in order to compete in wrestling, he had to keep his grades up. Cinta de Oro said he understands many high school students are going through a difficult time due to the pandemic, but it's still important that they stay connected with their teachers and their parents while attending school. Listen to his entire speech below.

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