Right now times are tough on all families especially the children during this pandemic. Since Covid-19 has put a lot of restrictions on places and gatherings it's hard to do anything now. Halloween is the one time kids can dress up in a costume to go traveling around to score candy. At this time, it is difficult to say how Halloween will go this year due to Covid-19. But thankfully there is a place that won't let the pandemic affect families Halloween spirits. Chuck E. Cheese has announced some big plans that will put a smile on everyone's face. Chuck E. Cheese will be hosting a Halloween Boo-Tacular Party at all open locations next month. They are really spicing things up this Halloween to ensure no Halloween spirit is broken. Chuck E. Cheese will have touchless trick-or-treating, prizes for kids in a costume, festive menu items, a new performance by Mr. Munch, and so much more.

If you're concerned about their Halloween Boo-Tacular Party, they will be taking precautions for every guest that attends. They have been following their safety protocols to ensure you your safety is a priority. Now if you still don't feel comfortable enough attending the Halloween Boo-Tacular Party you can also enjoy the fun from home too. Chuck E. Cheese wants to let you take the Halloween fun home with their carry-out and delivery service. Chuck E. Cheese won't let this pandemic let your kids Halloween spirit down this year. If you want more information about their in-store, carry out, and delivery for their Halloween fun you can read more details here.

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