Last year Chico's Tacos made the Texas Bucket List and even impressed the host! Chico's Tacos has been loved by many that either live or are in town visiting for a short period.

The majority of people who live in El Paso enjoy eating at Chico's Tacos and love it so much they even order doubles. Then you also have those that only come in town to make that special trip just to purchase the sauce used in their tacos. Another fan that loves Chico's Tacos has joked about the after effects on his comedy show. Yes, I am talking about Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias who has had his fair share of Chico's Tacos visits. After the Texas Bucket List host Shane McAuliffe tried the tacos he just had to down the sauce the way some of us have. You will see how much Shane enjoyed the tacos, but can you imagine how much he would loved them if they had the fake cheese?!