Explore a little via this video and plan a day/weekend trip to see these places for real, soon.

There are ghost towns all over the southwest, some well known and some not so well known. These 3 are pretty close and make easy day trips from El Paso.

  • Pinos Altos. It all started for Pinos Altos, located in the Gila National Forest, when gold was discovered there. The town also has a strong ranching history with many of the old corrals and pastures and such still in use today. Today, it's a great place to step back in time. From Silver City, go about 8 miles north on NM 15.
  • Chloride.  Once again, it was mining that started this town and it was named after the high-grade silver that was found there. The guy that found it though, didn't do too well. He kept his find a secret until his contract with the government ran out. Then he returned, built a cabin, staked a claim and was killed by Indians. From Truth or Consequences, go about 40 miles northwest on Hwy 52.
  • Hillsboro.  Yep, mining again starts the story when gold was found in 1877. According to newmexico.org, the town at one point had four saloons, four grocery stores, and a post office. From Truth or Consequences, go about 32 miles west on NM 152.

These are all incredibly beautiful drives and motorcycle rides. (Bikers beware, some of the gas stops are far between!) They are all also close enough to Silver City, Truth or Consequences, and Las Cruces that you'll find plenty of other things to do as well as many hotels, restaurants and RV parks in case you want to stay for a weekend or more.

Bear in mind that, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, some locations and businesses may not be operating under normal conditions.

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