Have you been bombarded on social media with memes about Twisted Tea? Have you seen Twisted Tea trending online everywhere and you're not sure why? Allow me to explain. Our story begin in Elyria, Ohio in Circle K store. The video, which originally was posted onto Reddit's r/PublicFreakout page, shows a white man confronting at black man while getting ready to. The white man, who is very nonchalant using the N word, challenges the black man to "smack him" with the Twisted tea... the man in the hoodie obliges.

There's a longer, more explicit version of the video, but I think we see enough with the video above.

As you can imagine, the video has gone viral and has even garnered a a few remixes, this one is my favorite:

According to Heavy.com, Elyria police say the incident wasn't reported to them, but they are aware, and have seen, the video. No one has been charged, although the Elyria Police Lieutenant has seen the video and believes he know who the men are. However, abiding by the "snitches get stitches" rule, no one has come forward with details.

Did the drunk white guy deserve it? Yeah, most definitely! Should Twisted Tea sponsor the man in the hoodie? Heck yes. Twisted Tea should be looking to see how they can market this literal can of whoop ass to the masses. In honor of this viral video, check out some of my favorite memes that have been born thanks to this viral video.

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