Local filmmaker Chris Bohn and his company Disintegrator Films have done a number of videos for a bunch of local and regional bands.

Chris has built quite a portfolio, having done all kinds of videos including music videos for a bunch of different local and Texas-based bands like Triumph Over Shipwreck (El Paso), All That Bleeds (El Paso), Illum (El Paso), Kilter (Odessa), Section 6 (El Paso), Gods of Death Screw (Houston) and Chasing Solace (El Paso).  (Chris and the Chasing Solace guys invited me to be a part of their video. Check out my award-winning performance above.)

He's also done lyric videos for locals like Fall 2 Rise (El Paso), Cordova (Las Cruces), Kill Devil Theory (Alamogordo), Texas Voodoo Stomp (El Paso), KnowSuffer (El Paso), Dicodec (El Paso).

You can see more of his work here and here, plus, check out some cool tutorial videos he's done.


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