All eyes will be on the TV as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers take over Hard Rock Stadium in Miami for Super Bowl LIV. It, of course, makes for a great time for companies to advertise their products- everyone gets excited for the new commercials. You may have already seen some of the commercials, these days, they tend to be released online before the big game. One commercial already making the rounds is for Reese's Take 5. If you've never heard of it, well, don't worry, the Super Bowl ad will make sure that you never forget it.

El Pasoan's will have a great reason to watch this commercial because the 30-second ad has a pretty cool tie-in to the Sun City. According to Gino Ybarra's Facebook post, he, and the artists at the Character Shop, were actually part of the team that came up with the hilarious alien concept.

We look forward to checkout the concept art that Gino Came up with and will definitely be watching on Sunday!

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