Did you know the El Paso public libraries host an array of events to get kids, and adults, b xcreading more? They host special story times with guests like Chico the Chihuahua and with the cats of El Paso TNR, library tours and they also host this amazing event called "Drive-In Story Time".

Yup, just like you can enjoy drive-in movies, you can now join drive-in story time! When I got the notification for this event, I'll have to admit, at first, I didn't really understand how it could work; it's a story time, it's not like a movie where you can hear the sound, this is just one person reading. It wasn't until I saw this fascinating video on the drive-in story time the El Paso Public Library hosted at Irving Schwartz library, check it out below:

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A HUGE thank you to Miss Aimee Camp who let me know the book that they are reading in that story time is called "Dragons Love Tacos" and "Dragons Love Tacos: The Sequel" by Adam Rubin.

If you thought that look pretty cool like I did, then don't miss out on another drive in story time this Saturday (8/14) at 10 A.M. at the Irving Schwartz library with the theme "Zoo: Hold on to Your Socks!".

If you're confused as to how this works, because I was too, allow me to explain. This drive-in story time was hosted at Irving Schwartz library and began at 10 A.M. When you arrive, you tune your radio to the station they tell you to, then you can hear the story! So, basically, it's like a regular drive-in! How cool is that?

This Saturday, they will also be hosting a reading event with the El Paso Streetcar! Jump into a streetcar and join in on a fun reading journey! Find out all the details for that here.

For more events that the El Paso Public Library is hosting, check them out here.

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