Looking at this gorgeous piece of property, it's astounding that Lenny Kravitz even wants to leave his home. Check out the video here.Check Out Lenny Kravitz's Insane Brazilian Family Compound. Surrounded by rolling green hills, luscious trees and beautiful blue skies that are made for a postcard, Lenny Kravitz's family compound in Brazil is a gorgeous sight to be seen. The compound is a farm where al the food that is served comes directly from the grounds. The interior of the building is a mixture of Lenny's own eclectic personality and Brazilian charm.

In the video, Lenny describes how he went down to Brazil to look at the property and many thought he was crazy to pursue his dream of purchasing a home in the country. Now, after many have seen what the property has become they understand his wishes for the grounds and how it has turned into a magical place of creativity for all types of artists. Many of the art pieces and murals in the home were painted by family and friends and he describes the inspiration behind them. Check out the video to see the gorgeous home, as featured by Architectural Digest.

Lollapalooza Chile 2019 - Day 1
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