If you have the munchies and the only thing to satisfy that hunger is a delicious sandwich, also if you're in Las Cruces, then listen up!

Cheba Hut "Toasted" Subs is coming to Las Cruces to 556 S. Telshor Blvd. When, you may ask? Well, that is up in the air!

Last year, Cheba Hut's Instagram informed us that they were "coming soon" and pumped everyone up!

It has now been a year and there seems to be no progress!

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Most recently, one of their last posts (from April) was a post letting people know they were hiring and where you can apply to work for Cheba Hut.

But still, no opening date has been announced! Which is a bummer because looking up the menu at Cheba Hut will get you craving some of their "toasted" subs!

Cheba Hut's "toasted" subs concept was born in 1998 and they cater to a specific crowd- if you know what I mean; as in, well they just legalized marijuana in New Mexico, and Cheba Hut offers delicious options to satisfy those munchies.

But just to be clear, there is no THC in their food, they just have the aesthetic- and are 4/20 friendly- hence the "toasted" subs part.

But they also offer salads.

And something for that sweet tooth.

They also offer other munchies and what they call "cottonmouth cures" that feature soft drinks, teas and Kool-Aid!

While the city of crosses, and the rest of New Mexico, expand their cannabis businesses with drive-thrus and delivery- many await the moment that Cheba Hut will open the doors to their joint!

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