Check out my chat with the guys from Chasing Solace.

Yesterday after TPR acoustic set with Taylor Momsen and Ben Phillips (check out my blog here), Dubba G and I headed over with the guys from Chasing Solace. We had a chat with them as they prepare for their big show tonight at Tricky Falls.

After being a part of several other projects, childhood friends ended up together forming this great combination we now know of as Chasing Solace. Joe Razor (Bass, Vocals) of Pissing Razors and the Sixth; Sal Porras (Drums) of All That Bleeds and Crash Kennedy; Dave Hernandez (Guitars) of Exit 116 and Notion Zero; Carlos Truax (Lead Vocals) of Notion Zero and Rubberman and Sergio Carrillo (Guitars) from All That Bleeds and Tradiccion.

Check out what they had to share ... and of course, as always after the interview the conversations keep going and get a lot more interesting so I decided to add that on. A word about the local scene, supporting your local bands, etc.



So don't forget to head over to their Facebook and Twitter pages and also check out their awesome performance tonight at Tricky Falls as they open up for Asking Alexandria!!



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