Could this possibly mean the nightmare is finally over for Charcoaler fans? It actually might be according to KFOX and the marquee board message at Charcoaler!

Hopefully this isn't a prank just to tease our taste buds! The family-owned fast food drive closed earlier this year and already getting us excited for what the future holds. When Charcoaler had announced their close date, they were flooded with customers including myself. Hopefully you did get your fix before they had closed their window for good. Reason I say that is because apparently they will opening at the same location but with different owners this time around. They're aiming to open before the holiday season begins this year, which is awesome news for us. It's still unclear as to what we can expect especially with new owners. If you were and STILL a fan of this local burger joint, be sure your eyes are attentive.

One thing for sure is we can rejoice that they're re-opening and just hope their onion rings stay the same!

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