It's that time! Emily and I are back with a new episode of "What the Buzz" available now on Spotify! This new episode entitled "Ghost Stories" is pretty straight forward; we talk about ghost stories. Coming straight off a cemetery ghost tour and hearing some ghost stories we decided this was the perfect time to share our own.

Lost El Paso Paranormal for having Brandon, Emily, Michelle and myself tag along for their "Phantom's Night: Concordia Cemetery Ghost Tour." In an attempt to cross off a spooky event from my "spooky season checklist" I thought this would be a great tour to take to get into the spirit of Halloween. Curious about what's on my spooky season checklist?

The evening was great! Heather from Lost El Paso Paranormal was great, she dressed the part and is an amazing story teller. You can check out their upcoming events here.

While on the ghost tour, we were told we could download an app that's suppose to let you know if there are any entities in the area, it also gives you words that the spirits may be trying to communicate to you. Emily still had it when we went to record this podcast and it went haywire! Here's everything it said while we were recording.

To hear about mine and Emily's ghost stories, check out the new episode of "What the Buzz" on Spotify!

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