If you follow Chef Aaron Sanchez on Facebook then you caught him sporting El Paso pride. Plenty of locals have seen Aaron Sanchez on the Food Network, Fox, and sometimes in El Paso. I enjoy watching Aaron Sanchez on Master Chef along with Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich.

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Plus it shouldn't be a shocker that El Paso native Aaron Sanchez shows support for his hometown. He has shown love for El Paso in different ways even one time on television. Aaron Sanchez made it known to everyone watching the Food Network that the best thing he ate with his hands was Chico's Tacos.

Just check it out for yourself in the YouTube video above. Well, it shouldn't be a surprise to people when Aaron Sanchez is spotted at Calabasas Farmers Market. But what the surprise about that was what Aaron Sanchez chose to wear out to the Calabasas Farmers Market.

Aaron Sanchez shared a picture of himself doing one of his favorite things, supporting local farmers in California. But clearly, he also shows support for his hometown by wearing a familiar shirt only El Pasoans know about. Someone snapped a picture of Aaron Sanchez picking some locally grown potatoes in an El Paso t-shirt.

It was pretty gnarly when I stumbled across his picture on my Facebook newsfeed. Plus some of us know the feeling of representing our hometown in another state. But there is no greater feeling than seeing a popular celebrity sporting an El Paso shirt.

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