Did you know that Mexican Mother's day is today? Día de las Madres is always on May 10th. If you're Hispanic, then you know this all too well.

Every year it's the same thing in my house; my mom saying we need to celebrate both American Mother's day and Mexican Mother's day. On some lucky years, the dates of the holidays coincide with each other- in which case, I get one gift. On other years when the holidays are on different days, I find myself struggling to decide which one is the bigger deal!

Of course, because she's my mom, she definitely deserves to be celebrated on both days, right? Of course she does! All moms deserve to be celebrated more than just once a year, especially considering all they go through! They deal with their kids attitudes, and sometimes even their partners' attitudes.

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By the time my mom was my age, she already had three children; I, on the other hand, have three cats.  And I still live with her, which means she still has to deal with my ass! So, in conclusion, I will definitely be getting her another gift for today- because she deserves it.

So, if you too are celebrating Día de las Madres, and if you're lucky enough to still have your mom here with you, give her a call, or a hug or a lovely gift. Moms do so much for us. I know my mom especially has done so much for me that I feel like she deserves much more than the flowers and card I got her for American and Mexican Mother's day.


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