We already had a huge weekend partying at StreetFest and now this weekend is the 4th of July! Most people will be firing up the grill, so you're going to need something cool and refreshing to wash all that deliciousness down. That's when you break out the 'Watermelon Keg.'

A glorious watermelon keg is easy to make, thanks to the video by Tipsy Bartender. They even offer an awesoem recipe to make a delicious drink to place inside the fruity keg, or you can come up with your own crazy concoction.

Here's what you need:

Large watermelon
1/2 bottle sour apple pucker
1/2 bottle coconut rum
1/2 bottle sweet & sour
Watermelon juice
Pineapple juice

I plan to make one of these unique kegs this weekend and hope I can pull it off. I won't be able to pop fireworks, but I can drink away my sadness thanks to the watermelon keg and vodka. Tons and tons of vodka.