Forget your typical Easter decorations, it's time to make them more metal! Find out how you can get your kids to uniquely decorate eggs with this commercial. Get ready because it's "Time to Dye" children!

We have seen metal take over holidays, like Christmas and it's continuing with Easter. What could be more metal than a bunny leaving colorful eggs for children? Peter Cottontail would be in the center of a mosh using those eggs as weapons.

This commercial shows two lovely girls getting ready to dye some eggs with their mother. Now they aren't going to use your boring type of dye kits, they are going to add some metal to those eggs.

Watch blood spew from the eyes of happy bunnies and chicks catch on fire throughout this commercial. Not sure if you can actually by this dye kit that includes metal sayings such as, "Rise from the Grave" and "Thrill of the Hunt" but you can always create your own.