Chevelle are getting ready to release their new disc.  Check out their new tune and find out what else they have been up to!

Chevelle will release their new CD, "La Gargola", on April 1st.  (Pre-order it here!) Leading up to that date, they've released a couple of vids to warm us all up!  I'm sure we can expect more killer Chevelle-ness but one thing we shouldn't expect are super meaningful lyrics!  According to frontman Pete Loeffler;

“I talk about chance encounters with gargoyles while taking out the trash at night. This is very deep stuff.”

They also rap about the recording process, proper earthquake procedures and cool things to do in Pasadena.  (You didn't know there were any, did you?)

Listen to their latest song, "Take Out The Gunman" in the lyric vid above and catch up with the guys in the 2 part vid below.  Enjoy!!