Carlos Mencia will be at the Comic Strip this weekend but we are more interested right now with his love of great tacos. This weekend, you can see one of the original Latin Kings of Comedy and host of "Mind Of Mencia" Carlos Mencia! Carlos Mencia is a friend of the morning show and especially Buzz. I'm pretty sure they're golfing buddies. Every time he comes to El Paso he sells out his shows so make sure you grab your tickets early!

One thing that Carlos loves to do while touring the world is finding where the best tacos are in town. Last time he swung by the morning show, he let us know he was on the prowl for the best tacos in the city. Carlos stopped by Tacoholics and tried some of their delicious cuisines. Now that Carlos is coming back, let us know where Carlos should go for tacos. We'll let Carlos know which places he needs to check out and who knows! You may see the comedian out there trying tacos later in the weekend.

Carlos Mencia will be performing at the El Paso Comic Strip and tickets are available now at the El Paso Comic Strip website.

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