The laws regarding alcohol in Texas are complicated and there's a buttload of 'em. Here are at least two you probably break every time you raise a glass.

Some of Texas' liquor laws are very clear and concise. You must be 21 to buy/consume it, bars must close at certain times on certain days, liquor can't be sold by liquor stores on Sunday, etc.

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As recently as the mid 1980's or so, in Texas, it was actually legal to drink a beer AS you drove. As long as you were not legally drunk at the time of course. Those days are long gone though so, I wouldn't try that today. Don't drive drunk either.

Here are a couple of other laws from related to drinking alcohol in Texas that you are probably unaware of. (I broke both of them while writing this.)

In LeFors, Texas ... wherever the hell that is ... it's illegal to take more than 3 drinks (sip, swallow, gulp, whatever), while standing up.

Owning an Encyclopedia Britannica set is a no-no. Texas outlawed these because they contained instructions for making your own beer. Knowledge is power ... and a misdemeanor.

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

Those are the 2 laws you probably break a lot. There are other weird ones though, like:

Several counties in Texas never got over prohibition and remain "dry", or semi-dry. El Paso, thankfully, is not one of them.

Here's another one that I wasn't aware of.  Texas liquor stores can't sell liquor on Sundays. That one EVERYONE who has ever drank all their tequila Saturday night and had none for the game on Sunday is painfully aware of. Did you know they can't sell on Thanksgiving Day, New Years Day or Christmas Day either?

I don't get that last one but, then again, a lot of these don't really make sense ... here are a few more.



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