Just recently they were testing the new Streetcar and already was involved in an accident. The accident happened in Central El Paso after 2:30 am on East Rio Grande Avenue and North Stanton street.

This accident happened around the time most nightlife partiers are heading home. But will the Streetcar that is coming soon cause more traffic accidents? Granted, this latest accident that happened in Central was not the Streetcars fault. Things will change on the roads once the Streetcar starts rolling around town for good. NewsChannel 9 was first to report about the traffic accident involving the Streetcar which you will see above. I am very excited to see something from our past be brought back but worry that it can affect other drivers. Now if you pay attention to the road instead of using your phone while driving then the Streetcars shouldn't be a problem. But you're not only sharing the road with bicyclists, now you're sharing the road with the Streetcars soon!

Give us your opinion on whether or not the Streetcar will be the cause of traffic accidents in the poll below!

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