Texas has more dogs in the whole state than any other state in the United States with over 7 million dogs statewide. Knowing that fact makes it even more scary with this mystery disease going around that's been affecting dogs in the US.


What is this mysterious virus getting dogs sick?

There's really not much information about this virus going around; except for a few key details thanks to NBC writing about this illness earlier this week:

  • It's a respiratory bacteria that starts as a cough & it leads into runny noses & sneezing. Other symptoms include a lack of appetite & lethargy. This virus has been compared to kennel cough.
  • The first cases originated in the Northeast US; New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Massachusetts.
  • The virus has spread to 10 more states all over the country including: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois & Oregon.

Is this mystery respiratory dog virus in Texas?

While there's no confirmed cases at the moment, there ARE vets all over the state that are expressing their concerns and warning people of the dangers OF this virus. Areas such as North Texas & Houston are spreading awareness of this disease affecting dogs in the country.


How do I keep my dog safe from this virus?

The best thing to do for your dog is to get them vaccinated. The main ones to help prevent your dog getting sick are the ones for:

  • Kennel cough
  • Canine influenza
  • Para influenza

Veterinarians from around the country, like Dr Adam Christman, have also been taken the liberty to advise people of what does illness is, and what people can do to be aware of it.
People are also warned to keep your dogs away from other dogs in public; as that may cause the illness to spread. And of course the big thing to do is contact your local veterinarian if you see your dogs experiencing any symptoms. Findalocalvet's website has a directory of vets office you can contact all over Texas.

Let's hope that Texas stays OFF this list & this disease will disappear soon...

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