Buzz got into the spirit of today's Infinity Wars-Spoiler themed AfterBuzz by wearing his Marvel Comics T-Shirt. In an odd twist, a T-Shirt that would have gotten you bullied if you'd worn it to school as a child is now a thing that old men can wear as a sign that they are cool and relate-able.

But, is Buzz just being a poser? Is he like all those people he's ridiculed in the past? You know the kind. The ones who wear a Ramone's T-Shirt but can't name a single song BY the Ramones. Or the kids who have a Misfits logo on their backpack and you come to find out they didn't even know the Misfits were a band. They just thought it was a cool-looking skull.

That's the question we'll answer with today's video. Does Buzz know all (or at least most) of the Marvel characters on his T-Shirt?

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