February is/was the shortest month of the year but we’ve got a bumper crop of local news bloopers to share with you. For such a short month, this blooper video is looooong!

If you don’t have a half an hour, here are my favorite highlights from the February Batch of “Funniest News Bloopers”. I’m skipping the standard “dogs/cats/kids” interrupting while their owners/parents are doing the news from home. But if you want to know more about wombat poop (and I think that means ALL of us) I’ve got you covered!

Thanks to the “News Be Funny” channel.

  • :48 -----I get that it’s a trope that male news anchors are preening, self-obsessed talking heads. But, c’mon man…primping in front of a mirror seems a little over the top.
  • :57----“It’s a cold Valentine’s Day!”. Slippery too, I guess.
  • 1:04---“Th..th…that’s all folks!”
  • 1:24----“Inge..inge…ingenuity!”
  • 2:09----The guy with the worst dad jokes in the world is back! Actually, “jokes” may not be the right word.
  • 2:22----This snow-day stunt got complaints from PETA, ASPCA, The Humane Society AND Eskimos Against Cultural Appropriation!
  • 6:12 ----None of News 2’s viewing audience survived the night after taking Julia Palazzo’s weather advice.
  • 7:50 ---Look at this piece about retirement homes. Look closely at the old folks drumming on giant green balls. Then, realize this is YOUR future…IF you’re lucky!
  • 14:15---Did you know wombats have cube-shaped poop? Well, they do…and scientists think they know why!
  • 19:46---Is that hot weather lady carrying a gun in an ankle holder? Because, she’s making it WORK!
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