Today is Earth Day. People sometimes ask me, "Buzz, what is one thing I can do to help save the planet?"  If I could give one piece of advice on how we can all help the planet it would be this ...

PLEASE, PLEASE ... everyone honor Earth Day today by running their air conditioner at full blast and opening every window in your house.

Also, if you're driving in your car, do your part by cranking the AC as high as it will go and roll those windows down.

You see, one of the biggest problems facing our environment is "Global Warming."  "Global Warming" is the phenomenon in which the entire globe is becoming warmer. That is why they call it "Global Warming."

We should all do our part to reverse this trend and, together, make the world a cooler place.  How can we do that? By not hoarding all of the cool air to ourselves! Open the windows, open the doors and run your AC as high as you possibly can. If we all work together, people, we can one day keep the globe at a comfortable 71 degrees at all times. This is a condition scientists call "Global Comfort."

But, I can't do it all by myself.  And all I'm asking for is just ... one ... day. One day of blasting as much cold arctic air right out into the environment. Maybe one day won't solve ALL of the "Global Warming," but at least it's a start, right?

So please, please, for the sake of the children, stop hogging all that cold air to yourself and think of the planet for once! Happy Earth Day!!