The trailer for season two of SThe Mandalorian on Disney + dropped just now. I did one of my for-some-reason-popular trailer breakdowns on the air today.

Here are a few highlights THEN a major question occurred to me while I was watching. Also, of course, I’ll include the trailer.

The trailer opens with the Mandalorian’s ship flying over a desert-looking or possibly gas-giant planet with a more “Earthlike” planet in the distance. The narration we hear is the conversation the Mandalorian had with the Armorer at the end of season 1. It basically recaps season 1: he’s got this child and he’s going to do everything he can to keep it safe until he can return it to “his own kind”.

Then a shot on a planet that looks like El Paso looking from the far eastside back toward the mountain. Mandalorian walking through a town, presumably on the same planet.

Shot of a Tusken Raider (Sandperson) on a bantha. Is this Tattooine again? Why does SO MUCH happen on a planet that everyone goes out of their way to mention NOTHING ever happens on??

Tattooine ALSO looks like it could be El Paso.

Then, we see the Mando and the Child on a frozen, icy planet. Is this Hoth? How many planets are IN this galaxy? Like, six?

Then, our duo is on a boat. A regular boat that floats on the water. I would have thought in a universe where everyone has a space-ship, nobody would need a plain old-fashioned boat. From the netting and the rigging, maybe it’s a fishing vessel. If so, it’s a fishing vessel crewed by Quarren which is similar to Mon Calamari like the “it’s a trap” guy but crossed with Captain Barbarossa from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Well, I guess it’s ALL Disney at this point anyway.

There’s someone on the boat who’s wearing a cloak like the Jedi…BUT, it’s a black cloak which is more often the color of choice of the Sith. Also, Lisa told me this is a wrestler named Sasha Something.

Two old-school X-wings are escorting the Mando’s ship.

Speeder-bike, Carl Weathers, and what looks like the interior of an Imperial Cruiser full of Stormtroopers that DON’T look like janky, used-armor Stormtroopers like in season one.

Then, we see some kind of underground alien fight-club and a cyclops. Finally, an adorable shot of Baby Yoda being scared.


As near as I can tell, The Mandalorian takes place in the years following the fall of the Empire and before the rise of the First Order. So, AFTER “Return of the Jedi” but BEFORE “The Force Awakens.”

Clearly, a Baby Yoda would be a huge deal for the Rebel Alliance. Also, clearly, The Mandalorian is trying to get the child to “his people” whether that means Jedi, rebels, or others of his own species.

So, where is a Yoda-like creature in any of the most recent movies? Yoda shows up in ghost form. Hundreds of rebel allies show up for the big space battle in “Rise of Skywalker.” No Yoda-creature there. No Baby Yoda, no Teenage Yoda, no Y.A. Yoda. Why WOULDN’T a powerful Force-wielder NOT be helping the rebels in any of the recent movies?

Is Baby Yoda…dead? Think about it. In season 1 there are SO MANY people/creatures trying to kill him. The robot bounty hunter, Werner Herzog AND Gus Freaking Fring are all after him. Maybe the Mandalorian fails in his quest. Pretty dark for Disney, granted, but far from the first child killed by the House of Mouse.

The Mandalorian returns to Disney + on October 30th.

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